At Ritchie & Partners, LLC, we offer two varieties of Project Management: the Conventional style and

Fractal Project Management ™

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The image on left is a Fractal. The closer you look, the more details you see. Fractals are a visualization of the mathematics of chaos.

Look at your Project. Do you see chaos?

Now look closer. Do you see even more chaos?

This image zooms in 12 times which is equivalent to X4000 magnification. Click here to view a movie in avi format (1.09MB) which zooms in 50 times!

If you need to download something to view this file, click here for RealPlayer:

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If you think you have chaos at multiple levels of your Project, then you have a situation where "Fractal Project Management ™" can be successfully applied.

Fractal Project Management ™ is a set of skills and techniques which are tolerant of the unstructured fast track projects of today, where objectives are fluid and the schedule is tight.

If you are a "chaos tolerant" Project Manager, then we want to hear from you!

Conventional Project Management

Ritchie & Partners offer a number of extremely experienced Project Managers as Consultants, from the heavy metal of the Oil & Gas Industry to the somewhat less weighty world of hacking code.

Tell us what you need!

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